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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH singer Ivan Moody says that he is still working on his debut solo album but that he will wait until the timing is right to release it. During an appearance on HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta's official podcast, "The Jasta Show". Moody said about his solo CD: "It's not done yet. I'm taking my time on it. My plate's full. 5FDP is my meat and potatoes, and our fan base, and if I take away from that right now, it'd be bad timing. So I'm just taking it stride by stride. And when it comes out, it'll come out. I'm working with people like [DEVILDRIVER drummer John] Boecklin and [former MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY guitarist] Logan Mader [who] engineered [the first FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH album]. [Logan's] just an amazing guitar player." In a June 2013 interview with Sweden's Metalshrine, Moody said that he was "most definitely" working on music that isn't always right for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. He added: "I'm actually going to do a side project after this next album cycle. I've already got a few guys on the line that I'm really proud to say I'm gonna work alongside with." He added: "I talked to the guys [in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH], and after doing five records like this, it's time to take a little bit of space from each other, and that way, when we come back to do the next album, it'll be fresh to us again. I'm definitely looking forward to do this side project." Despite releasing two albums' worth of material last year, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is already looking toward its next studio project. The band's drummer Jeremy Spencer told Artisan News, "We're at the studio right now, and we're recording some new material. And after we finish the [fall North American co-headlining] tour with VOLBEAT, we're gonna go back in and try to finish up everything in the winter and then get something out late spring [or] early summer." Spencer added that the band has demoed four songs so far, saying, "I'm liking what I'm hearing, but there's a long way to go… We'll judge the body of work when it's done." FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's tour with VOLBEAT kicked off on September 16 in Salt Lake City.
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More work on my leather. I basically only need one more patch...

More work on my leather. I basically only need one more patch for the left sleeve.